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London Plasterers - Plastering and Skimming Services In London

Beautifully Finished Walls and Ceiling is our standard

Fit and Renovate team of London Plasterers undertake all types of plastering and skimming work, applying a layer of plaster decorative mouldings to an interior or exterior of your walls or ceilings to create a smooth finish for painting or wallpapering

We Cover most London Areas, including:

Central London, North London, West London, North West London and South London.

Walls and ceiling plastered with plastering mix and skimming techniques

We offer extensive plastering services across London.  Our team of quality plasterers with vast years of experience, you can rely on us and you will get an excellent standard of work with a beautiful finish.

Central London, North London, West London, North West London and South London.

  • Experienced team of London plasterers
  • One-Stop service solution of all your project
  • Competitive fixed prices
  • No hidden costs or extras
Large room with new plastering and skimming
London Plasterers

Complete Plastering Services in London

SKIMMING Service In London

Skimming is part of plastering work, by applying thin two coat method for smoothing walls. Finishing process of plastering will be done on walls or ceilings in London to create a smooth finish for painting or wallpapering.


Rough casting or pebble dash is a coarse plaster surface we use on outside walls that consists of lime compound and usually is mixture of sand with cement, or can be small gravel, pebbles or shells. We provide service all around London.


A wet dash finish is achieved by applying 5-13 mm coarse aggregate in the final coat, simplicity of process takes place when the mortar being thrown onto the wall and left untrowelled.


Artex can be plastered over. Firstly we absolutely make sure that there are no flaking or loose sections of the artex, or indeed ceiling/wall. Then we remove all obviously visible high spots of artex.


Plaster board also known as drywall, wall board, gypsum board, is used to for interior walls and ceilings. Plaster board is sold under the trademarks Sheetrock, Gyproc In the United Kingdom. Contact our London Plasteres today


Suspended Ceiling • Office partitioning • Installation of new ceiling • Repair of damaged ceiling • Maintenance of existing ceiling • Design advice

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